October 31st, 2011

Gabe Aceves Branding

When Gabe Aceves, a wedding photographer based in Washington DC, came to Ryan with the idea of a mounted deer head as his logo, we weren’t sure it would work. One doesn’t usually correlate deer with weddings and love. We usually think of bars and hunting or a long hike.  “Are you sure?” was the tone of the conversation.

This is what happened next In Gabe’s words: “Ryan worked his magic. Because less than 48 hrs later I had the logo you see sitting in my inbox, along with a handful of other amazing concepts. Shortly thereafter was his beautiful, minimalist business card layout as well. Its been hard not showing these to everyone I know for the past couple months.”

Gabe’s choice of letterpress printing brings an added elegance to this work.

It was a pleasure working with Gabe and we were glad to be able to bring a concept that was “dear” to him to reality.

Gabe received a lot of positive feedback about his new branding.  To see the comments more about his story, go to Gabe’s Blog.

business cards

March 30th, 2011

Jill Thomas Blog

Ryan really enjoyed creating this splash page and blog for Jill Thomas, a lovely photographer of weddings and children. Take a little time to scroll over the oranges and see them fill in with color, swirl around, and fall to the ground softly. Lovely orange tree leaves are falling as well. Jill’s custom blog showcases the orange groves where she often shoots her sessions.

Jill Thomas Splash Page

Splash Page

Jill Thomas Blog Header

Blog Header


Blog Comments

November 18th, 2010

Jill Carmel | Web Site

We really enjoyed working with Jill Carmel and her playful yet elegant ideas.  Ryan especially loved creating the image of the Boston Bull Terrier since his childhood pet is still dear to his heart.  Jill shares this devotion!

Jill’s words: ” I came to Ryan because I was looking to attract a very particular type of clientele by creating a new look and feel for my website and brand – something simple and organic with a modern twist.

After an initial consultation regarding theme, colors and imagery, Ryan designed my logo, website and blog. I really appreciated how he invited me to collaborate in the design process while giving me the guidance that I (so badly) needed.

With each new proof, he exceeded my expectations, demonstrating his ability to understand what I wanted, while providing something even better than what I had envisioned.

Since the launch in August, each and every new client that has come to me through the site has fit my target market exactly and has commented on how much they love the design.

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with this truly talented artist and I can wholeheartedly recommend him”

Jill Carmel is a natural light portrait photographer specializing in simple newborn and child photography as well as natural high school senior portraits.