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"A near flawless epic - its impossible not to recommend this album" - DOA

"Absolutely wonderful, each song a delicate delight.." - Portland Mercury

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Old pianos, drums in an open room, banjos and big hearts fill the tunes that flow through this album. The most direct in voice and lyric of Petracovich's work so far, Crepuscuulo brings the listener even closer to the center of things.

A tour is being planned from LA to Seattle in late July and early August.

Petracovich traveled to Portland, OR to record at Type Foundry Recording and Scenic Burros in Portland, OR. For her 3rd release she collaborated with engineer/producer John Askew of Film Guerrero and Tracker.


"Top 10 albums of the year" - Boston Globe

"A perfect balance between rhythmic beats, atmospheric backdrops, striking images and angelic vocals." Paste Magazine

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"Every once in a while an unknown artist comes along that totally blows us away. Petracovich started out on a high note...and just keeps getting better." babysue

"Peters wields a gorgeous voice that Mann freaks should love." Magnet

"pop without pomp, grassroots folk without hairy-legged smugness, electronic sweetness without noisome sequencer clatter . . .a resoundingly pretty techno-folk recital " - Skop Magazine

"Like the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson movie: Some kind of quirky fairy kingdom, slightly melancholy but undeniably good." The Daily Califonian

“Peters is the good piano student gone awry . . . as earnestly angelic and bent as a Lynch balladeer.” The Seattle Stranger
" Looser and more thoughtful than 2004 debut Blue Cotton Skin, Wyoming is the sound of Petracovich growing bold." CMJ

Recently Petracovich sat down a chatted with the guys at The Bay Bridged. You can listen to the interview here. It includes some Petracovich tunes as well as an unreleased live track of a new song recorded at KZSU for the weekly show Eran Mukamel.