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We Are Wyoming


blue cottin skin
Indie Workshop

"Petracovich mastermind Jessica Peters produces a hypnotic dreamtime soundtrack…a surprisingly enduring album of muffled bedroom folktronica wrapped in the silken sheen of Peters' subdued songbird voice.”
Pitchfork Media

"Rarely do electronic and organic come together with such a comfortable, tactile sheen as on Blue Cotton Skin (Red Buttons), the gorgeous debut from San Rafael 's Petracovich.”
San Francisco Bay Guardian

"A beautiful collection of trip-hop songs…the work speaks to fans of haunting melodies and dream-like phrasing. Do not miss the live performance."
CMJ issue 825

"Blue Cotton Skin is an amazingly effective collection of ambient pop music...executed to perfection. The tunes are smart, heady, relaxing, cerebral, and intensely beautiful. Highly recommended."

"An amazingly beautiful, fragile, airy and highly creative work of art." Agouti Music

“Jessica Peters (who records as Petracovich) balances her electronic and acoustic leanings with considerable skill, and makes me wish I received more records like this.” Opuszine

"It's like having a flying dream, or lying out in a field of green grass, all up in the ether." Portland Mercury